To learn more, call 800 2030, SMS HOMESAVER to 2626 or visit Own your home faster Loan tenure can be reduced up to 8 years on a loan term of 25 years. More savings on interest cost Enjoy up to 60% savings on interest cost on a 25-year loan term. Flexibility and controlAuniqueloanaccountlinkedtoahighlyflexibleinterest-bearingbankaccount.At ADCB, we understand that choosing the right home loan is just as importantasfindingtherighthome.Repaymentterms,flexibility,savings,are all the things that you need to consider. Which is why we’ve introduced theHomeSaver,auniquehomefinancingsolutionthathelpsyousaveoninterestandpayoffyourloanfaster,makingiteasierforyou.ADCB’s Home Saver.Homes shouldlast forever.Home loansshouldn’t.Terms & Conditions apply. Approval of loan is at the sole discretion of ADCB upon submission of proofs and documentation acceptable as per ADCB’s policies and guidelines.
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